Summer in England

My time in Great Britain is slowly coming to an end and this marks a relatively good moment for reflecting upon what has happened throughout the last two weeks in England. After leaving Ireland, a country that has won my heart over in seconds, I was nevertheless glad to return to the South-Eastern part of England I had fallen in love with several years ago. Renewing this romance was quite important to me, I’ve partially missed the soft hills and fields of this beautiful country.

Having been invited to Kent for a 2 1/2 weeks lasting assignment, my stay offered the possibility to visit several to me known and unknown places alongside the daily work that had to be accomplished. One of my personal highlights was again visiting the cliffs of Beachy Head, east of the Seven Sisters.

Seeing Canterbury Cathedral for the first time was a one the things I’ve been anticipating for quite a long time. The structure of the middle nave itself would be sufficient to fill pages of descriptions, praise and analysis.

Apart from returning to Brighton and London, two cities I haven’t been to for ages, the whole setting itself her in southern England always reminds me of the description of this country I’ve been exposed to through pastoral poems throughout my time at university.

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