About the magnitude of Ireland

Having dreamt of visiting the country that is said to display the most beautiful tones of green for a very long time, I finally made it to Ireland last week. This trip was not really planned and spontaneously booked in May, not considering everything that might come up afterwards. After I quit the job I’d been doing for 6 years in April with my final day at work being last Wednesday, I caught my flight to Cork last Thursday visiting a friend of mine who’d offered me accommodation and guidance.

Cork itself was already one of the loveliest cities I’ve ever visited but to be honest, what definitely made me fall in love with this country was the first glimpse I was offered as soon as my first day trip set out towards the Cliffs of Moher. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the cliffs and their rough and wild appearance. The wind was very strong, yet not completely unkind or unbearable. On the contrary: The strong breeze itself added more beauty to the whole scenery.

Close Up – Cliffs of Moher

Visiting Killarney was lovely too, I did another day tour along the Ring of Kerry which also gave me some inspiration for further trips to this lovely region in the future.

Ring of Kerry
Kinsale – Charles Fort










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